S’isoler dans la nature pour déstresser.


Je discutais l’autre jour avec un ami qui m’expliquait qu’il se sentait « surmené ».

« Tout à l’heure j’étais en ville assis à un café et je n’avais rien à faire. Je me suis alors rendu compte que je commençais à utiliser mon téléphone et envoyer des messages aux gens, juste pour m’occuper. Je crois que je me suis habitué à ne jamais m’arrêter. M’arrêter pour déstresser est devenu stressant ». Lire la suite


My 3 reasons to learn english…

ob_5c4ba1_unnamedI know it’s a little bit silly to write something in English meant for people who don’t speak English.

Actually, my first idea was to send it to my cousin who is an English teacher. I wanted to suggest to her to print this article to give to her students.

But I would be happy to inspire more Frenchies, our English is just ridiculous compared to people from other western countries.

So please, share my message if you understand.

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10 tips to help you make your journey unforgettable.

ob_6522e7_images-21For most of us, we aren’t going to travel all our lives and doing a long trip is usually unique.

Two people can do exactly the same journey and have a totally different experience at the end. Your state of mind is the most important thing that is going to shape your trip.

Like all travellers, I want to have crazy memories, I want to be grateful forever, I want stories to tell my kids… and I’m working on it everyday.

Here is a list of tips I can give you after almost 10 months of traveling.

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5 skills you’ll get if you hitchhike…

ob_d26f8b_hitchhiker-tvI like challenges and I wanted to finish my world trip with a big one.

I also wanted to visit the north of my own continent that I didn’t know.

So I decided to hitchhike from Lyon to Stockholm, and back again.

The rules were simple. I had 1 month, 11 friends to host me along the way and I wanted to hitchhike from place to place. Taking any kind of train or bus would have been cheating.

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